08 December 2006

Naked Celebrities

One month in, botogol's memes has received 25,573 hits.and 5 comments.


Close analysis of my stats reveals the following sources:

  • my blogging sister - 27
  • my wife (prompted) - 156
  • my wife (unprompted) - 1
  • all other family members - 14
  • the 257 friends to whom I sent a warm and witty email containing the URL - 257
  • strangers (arriving via one of 845 self-publicising links planted all over the net) - 123
  • strangers (arriving from google searches of things they are actually interested in) - 38
  • myself (admiring my own wit and cleverness) - 5,259
  • myself (tinkering with that bloody template and especially trying to get rid of the blank space in ma mignonne) - 19,798


Close analysis reveals the following breakdown of commentators:

  • myself (testing to see if the comment function is broken or something, that would explain it..... No it seems to be working fine) - 2
  • myself (in disguise, creating a buzz) - 0 (so restrained!)
  • my blogging sister - 2
  • passing strangers, somehow coming across the blog, and reading something they actually find interesting enough to comment on - well hello and welcome, Redkez!

Clearly, a different approach is needed before another blog falls in the forest. Luckily I think I have hit on an idea: From now on I will be mostly writing a Celebrity-Led-Blog!!!


All of a sudden, I don't know what I have been thinking of, ignoring all the incredible blog material right in front of my own eyes. For if you keep your eyes open (as I do) you find you do run into an impressive number of celebrities living in suburban South-West London:

  • I was very surprised to encounter Britney Spears on a secret visit to London this week. She was visiting the Post-Secret exhibition at Foyles. I have too much respect for her as an artist to reveal the contents of the postcard she stuck up on the wall.
  • it was revealing chatting to Wayne Rooney at the Rocky Horror Show. Apparently he's been offered the role of Rocky when it transfers to the West End
    He's a surprisingly good heckler
  • spotted Madonna at my local tip dump last month. Like me she was throwing away her Dyson. We chatted for a while, and afterwards we went to Comet together and she showed me the Miele that her lovely (and very cheap, by the way) Brazilian cleaning-lady swears by, apparently.
  • it was unexpected to spot long term hero of mine, Richard Dawkins in the audience for a talk by Patrick Dixon (futurologist). (I bet Dixon regrets opening up that session for questions!) Richard told me that while he has been in London he really enjoyed, the rather puzzling theology revealed when John Humphrys interviewed Rowan Williams, In Search of God on Radio 4
  • Robbie Williams plays the most unexpected gigs doesn't he? The 58 members of Twickenham Folk Club who crammed into the Cabbage Patch two weeks ago to hear Boo Hewerdine were initially rather doubtful when the identity of Boo's mystery support act was revealed. However the cheeky-chappy soon had us all onside, singing along with the collection of well known folk tunes he was test-driving for his forthcoming folk-covers album (eat your heart out Bruce Springsteen)

You know, perhaps I should carry around an autograph book, and a small camera.

More celebrity-led blogging on-the-hour every hour at botogol's memes.

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