15 February 2007

Blog Wars

It's like 1914 in the blogosphere, and I fear Blog Wars may have hit Green Ideas as well.

No, not a spillover from the political blog wars raging between the mighty manic and gargantuan Guido Fawkes [rather like Togo coming to aid of the United States, I am pitching in on the side of Guido on that one] - nope, no stray missiles, collateral damage or blue-on-blue from that conflict, for which a hat-tip to Green Ideas' more-enlightened-than-Guido's comment policy.

But what is Green Ideas comment policy, I hear you ask? (Or, I would if you were listening).
Green Ideas Comment Policy
Always write in such a way that you never get any comments.
Not even from your blogging sister.
No, in the great blog wars of 2007, Green Ideas is not a fully-fledged belligerent participant for either side. Instead, more like Spain in 1939, or Russia in 1917, it makes its own conflict. a kind of civil-war: Blogging for laughs by making smart-arse posts at the expense of its loved-ones. So to friends, family, women-who-blog and Eddi Reader's manager, a heartfelt apology. It's tough this blogging, business isn't it?

Tomorrow I'm starting a proper blog.


outside-jane said...

I try! God knows I try but your comments technology is faulty - harrumph. Anyway - you never comment on mine either... [sob]

btw: what are labels? Should I have some of them?! [grin] Cos no-one ever finds my blog - even I can't find it some days... [sigh] I'm thinking of changing the name [from meanwhile] to 'undercover' - what do you think?!

Anonymous said...

who are you?