05 March 2007


So far, my preparations for my rite-of-middle-age-passage triathlon in May (gulp) have consisted of spending a very large amount of money on equipment. In other words things are going very satisfactorily indeed.

My biggest regret has been choosing an event which requires no wetsuit, meaning that the extent of my ambition for SWIM (not swimming, we triathletes don't say 'swimming', we say SWIM) has been limited to a pair of bunch-of-grapes speedos and £50 goggles. (Note to self - can I at least get a exorbitantly priced hat anywhere, I wonder?)

But on the other hand, even if I do have admit to some disappointment on the SWIM prep, the BIKE part (we triathletes don't say 'cycling' we say 'BIKE') has gone exceptionally well: I have bought a shiny new bike.

Well of course I have bought a shiny new bike - that's what middle-aged triathletes do, isn't it? I chose the colour to match my top. It cost £500, which was a little disappointing, until I remembered the accesories and with those I was easily able to make it over the magic four figure split.

With hindsight, I can't think why I went for this triathlon idea at all, because I have to say that, basically, RUN (we triathletes, well you get the point) is also bit disappointing. On the positive side, only half way through my training regime, I have managed to beat my PB already, but when you consider that my RUN PB was only £74.99 on a pair of trainers from J&B, you won't be impressed. I should have entered l'etape du tour which would have required a lot more kit. Still, I have my personal RUN-shoe fitting session on Saturday which should keep me up to schedule. I have targeted £100/week for weeks 4-8 rising to £150 in weeks 9-12.

I wonder how much a tri-suit costs. A really good one, I mean.

Next week I am going to ride my bike.

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outside-jane said...

What about a neoprene hood for your SWIM? They're cool and I bet you could find a pricy one!