14 August 2007

Back to Work

How people are expected to come back from holiday rested, energised and raring to go is a total mystery to me.

It makes no sense: you take two weeks off running, you come back slower, not faster. You take two weeks off work, you forget all your passwords.

And in my case also you forget where your office is.

You can only imagine how amusing that was: bursting in to find the new Regional Cross-Functional Inter-Department Coordinator sitting in my office trying out my chair. I must have given her a good half-minute of the Goldilocks treatment before I remembered that I had moved again just three days before I went away.

I actually suspect I have been away longer than two weeks, but have forgotten it all in a haze of manzanilla, or perhaps we were all drugged on that bus. As well as the memory loss, this would explain why it's become winter. And why everyone seems to have forgotten about standing on the bleeding right on escalators.

At least they missed me while I was a way (well, I left some little booby traps behind to make damn sure, of course)


Anonymous said...

This is why you should take long weekends and not long vacations.

Anonymous said...

Well it hasn't been winter!! it's been bleedin' hot...until you came back from holiday and cast a bleedin' dark cloud over Blighty :-)
You need invigoration...the English way..cucumber sandiwches and Earl Grey...
You see forget the Manzanilla...cos when in Rome do as the Romans do!!
Welcome Home and Back!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

more long weekends sounds good..