13 May 2008

Silly Things to Do on the Web

So, there's a group on flickr where people send in videos of themselves reciting a weekly list of words... so that you can see how other people pronounce them.

Um; that's it.

I could hardly resist.

(I am speaking a *lot* more slowly than normal)


Anonymous said...

I spoke a little more slowly than usual. It's fun!

Anonymous said...

Is everyone going mad, or just me?

Anonymous said...

After all this time you've finally revealed in FULL what you look like. It's really not that BAD(?)but I liked JUST the green eyes...it gave me green ideas! :-) Perhaps you should have thought of wearing a Hijaab (?) but then SENSITIVITY is a word ;-)

Botogol said...

Anonymous you are welcome around here anytime :-)