02 February 2009

Two Hundred Up

Blogger tells me this is my 200th post :-)

To celebrate I had planned a long retrospective posting telling the story of how I came to start it, why it has this weird name, why I have this weird name, telling the story of how the blog developed over the years,  nostalgically highlighting some favourite posts, showing how themes have waxed and waned, charting the gradual accumulation of my four (count 'em, four) followers....

And then I thought why not just celebrate by playing some African Jazz Pioneers1 instead... so here they are with Woodpecker, which lifts the spirits on the darkest of days.

1In 1994 we saw the  African Jazz Pioneers play live in a multi-story carpark in Rosebank, where they were publicising an extension to the popular Sunday market, they were superb, and we bought all their albums. 

They have hardly any webprint: here's the only video I could find on youtube, and even though there only seem to be about six of them in this performance (there were about 20 when we saw them) you'll get a taste of the atmosphere they create.


M4GD said...

Happy Birthday to Green Ideas and here is to another 200 more! Lovely music indeed and does wonder for a day like this. Thank you. Music reminds me a bit of Cesaria Evora and the musicians of Cape Verde.

Anonymous said...

I had hoped for a blog on the strangeness of coincidence and how, in a crowded West End theatre, one could find one's best man sitting in the seats immediately in front of/behind one. Given the play (Twelfth Night) and the central and unlikely conceit (namely twins who look so alike that the female passes off as the male for 3 months and no-one notices) that would have been most apt.

However, here's to the next 200. Congratulations on your double century.

Botogol said...

that's amazing! I was just writing a poem on that very subject :-)

outside-jane said...

Congratulations on your 200th post!
Why do you have the stupid name?

Anonymous said...