23 Mar 2009

Not Dead...

picture by Mountainbread
... but resting. I hope to be back soon :-)


MysteryShopper said...

He lives!!! He lives!!!

M4GD said...

I wonder what might be the top 10 reasons Mr. Botogol stopped writing? hmmm let’s try to answer:
(1) Mr. Botogol is playing hard to get - a cool move to tease the fans but wait that’s passive aggressive that is not cool that is not Botogol,
(2) miscalculated the ground hog day altogether and still thinks it’s winter,
(3) the mouse in his mouse-pad was real and ate all his fingers,
(4) The Sushi and Chilli Nacho combo caused brain confusion and he finally did what he always wanted and moved to China,
(5)…... other followers please add your bit so we can top it to 10:-)

Miss Teary Shopper said...

(6) He's got writer's block (Surely not).
(7) He's very, very, very, very busy at work (Could be).
(8) He's training for a triathalon (Is there a clue in the picture of the boots?)
(9) He's going through a mid-life crisis
(10) Mrs Botogol and the Botogolettes have told him to stop blogging and get out more.
(11) Cont. below ......

Frustrated Poet said...

(11) His blog has been hijacked by blogsquatters and he is waiting for them to leave ....

M4GD said...

This is my missing number (5) above
(5) Botogol is feeling sad after losing his membership of the elite “A LOL Cat Colleckshun” due to Google’s rejection of his idea to change the blog title to “I Can Has Cheezburger” :-)

Botogol said...

close, my fans, but no cigar :-)

1) on the contrary, I am easy to get
2) it's winter in my heart
3) my mouse goes commando
4) half-a-mark. (I am not in China)
5) I would never change my blog name, soon someone will offer me silly money for greenideas.com and will retire, happy
6) ...or could of course be writing elsewhere..
7) I wish
8) I am! But not hard enough. I have had to recalibrate my weight-time-target chart (nothing if not obsessive)
9) for some time, I fear
10) often
11) only commenters

hey it's good to back, botogolites :-)

late to the party said...

#6: "or could of course be writing elsewhere". Are you, Alibert? Are you? We demand to be told. Otherwise the world economy will plunge woefully further as we workers waste our lives scouring the web in search of the wit, wisdom and wisecracks of A. Botogol Esq.

M4GD said...

Oh no so you have winter in your heart:-( sob sob sob. The botogolites’ RRT (Rapid Response Team) sends you ABVH (A Big Virtual Hug)!

Botogol said...

@ late the party - better late than never, welcome to GreenIdeas. Am I writing somewhere else? That would be telling. But I can give you a clue (no)

Botogol said...

@ M4GD - :-) It is spring in my heart, now.