07 April 2009

I gotta house in the country...

I am not a number, by pinkangelbabe
The nice thing about our house in the country is that - actually - it's in a town.

An ancient town.

So while we are 70 miles from London (and quite beyond the reach of google streetview) we are nevertheless - in extremis - never more than 100m from a double espresso.

Not that it's all so sophisticated as that, mind: it's also rural. On Sunday, walking 15km of the 1066 Country Trail we picnicked in an apple orchard, tiptoed past a somnolent bull, sighed at a dead sheep, admired, awestruck, a pale and silent, eerie and creamy daytime owl, and at lunchtime found ourselves in a pub of quite unexpected charm. We sat outside in the garden with the smokers but buying a round in the Sunday-roast-infested table-packed interior I saw a blackboard: "From 4-6pm today" [it said] "the Fling".

"What is it? Some sort of traditional game, rustic and charming, yet competitive and violent?" I asked the barmaid, hopefully

"No", she replied, "He's a one-man band. He's very good"

We discovered a previous engagement, and pressed on.

We were back home in time for a Chilean Semillon-Chardonnay in our late-evening-sun-soaked garden. A long way away from Canary Wharf.

Rye, East Sussex
Queens Head, Icklesham


M4GD said...

That was such a lovely fun post to read (of course all your other ones were fun too!) Wow it looked like you guys had a real blast last Xmas!
And the recent pics in your town and the pub are heart-warming. Love the sheep! Aren’t Chilean wines amazing? They are quite a surprise. I had the fortune of working very briefly with a Chilean grape grower in the early 1990s and this was when I started appreciating them. Last night I had a lovely ‘Elemental Reserva Colchagua Carmenere Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 with dinner. It was excellent!!
And no you’re not a number :-) no one is. I responded to that earlier today on your previous voices post.
Happy Easter, Passover, Spring…

outside-jane said...

I am concerned about this urge to play violent games!