08 June 2009

just one more lap

It was raining when I got out of the car, it was raining while I racked my bike and put on my wetsuit, and it was raining when I jumped in the lake.

Raincycle by OskarN
While I ran up the hill back to transition it rained, and it was raining while I took off my wetsuit and strapped on my helmet and set off on my bike.

Careering around the Blenheim Palace Triathlon circuit at over 35mph on the downhill, through pools of standing water it rained still, and it was raining when I ran through the finish line at the end of the run and collected my medal.

I was wet.

After I was finished and trudging back to the transition areas  I watched a young women speed up to the bike finish, dismount, and then pause uncertainly to speak to the marshall while competitors whizzed past her at no small speed.

"Three laps!", I heard him say, "That's right, three laps..... Well, how many laps have you done?"
"I don't know"
"Well, have you done more than one?"
"Two I think"
"Well, you'd better do another one then"
She nodded, awkwardly turned her bike round and faced the way she had come, swallowed hard and got on the bike. Then she burst into tears and got back off again.
"Go on", said the marshall, not unkindly, "it'll be OK - just one more lap. And then, um, then the run."
And she nodded, took a breath, got back on a second time and pedalled off.

I was 1 hour 36. Not bad, but I didn't acquit myself well in the run and I seem to have fallen asleep in Transition 2, taking about a minute more than I needed.

I reckon I could shave six minutes of my time next year.


Burgin Streetman said...

where are the pictures of your legs falling off? good on ya!

M4GD said...

As always you had more interesting posts. I’m sorry I couldn’t comment on the last few ones and share few thoughts as I wanted. I’m engrossed on few issues of my own at the moment. I’ll be back to normal hopefully shortly. However, I did check on the woods pencils for you with the hope of getting you one but I was not successful:-( I did try through a Japanese friend. This is an EXACT copy of what he emailed me today: “Just now, I called some companies to get the Pencils.
I resarched in detail and tried to call many times. To my regret, I was not able to get it. I am so sorry. Because...the Pencils is already sold out and then the company is not making it anymore because of the Trees is being on the decrease.
I tried to get the collector's one, but I couldn't. One shop staff said,
"'I am often asked the same question about the Pencils but I have never seen it since five years ago. That means it's already finished selling it." I am so sorry for not helpng you.”End of email message.

So, Botogol Keep on writing! I often enjoy reading the witty side bar comments same as the main message:-)until later then...

Botogol said...

why, thank you M4GD, that was very thoughtful of you, and hope you sort everything out soon.

Botogol said...

@scribbler - unfortunately none of th official pictures came out well enough to be reposted on a family blog like this one. Shame, but I suppose everybody's belly looks big in a tri-suit..