01 July 2009

Can you tell what it is yet?

On a street corner in Richmond a modern revolving advertising hoarding has been removed to reveal an intriguing ad painted on the bricks beneath:

Choose your house AND THE TEMPERANCE

What could it mean? Is 'choose your house' to be taken literally?  The sentence is still hard to parse, the stumbling block being that definite article: what was the Temperance? a place? a club? a newspaper?

It took me a week to work it out - can you do better? 
(when you have it a quick google will suffice to confirm)


M4GD said...

Hmmm well let’s see here are some possibilities that may seem coming from a sunny journey way out in the left field :-) The possibilities in no particular order:
- A place selling doll houses made of tempered glass
- An advert promoting the Temperance society and giving away houses as freebies
- or or or or a sample of an old Republican advert campaign made it across the pond for Richard Nixon (he was a Quaker and they promote Teetotalism)…
(The above is provided off the top of my head sans a google search)

transitionyourlife said...

I've been trying to figure this interesting sign out. My Guess - Temperance being likely related to alcohol reduction - and the Temperance movement. The street location is Sheen Rd,and Alton in Richmond, Surrey, UK - the sign or hoarding was removed after the Google Street mapping was done.

I did find out that The Wallpaper History Society exists - due to a link from a business on Sheen Road.

Tell us the full story!

Botogol said...

Hi Terry, welcome to greenideas.

No, I'm not going to reveal all just yet, but I will give you a clue and tell you that the sign does refer, literally, to choosing a house...

Addicted to lists said...

Be great to know! I'm snapping "old adverts painted on the sides of buildings" on my iphone as I go around town, and this was on my list!