17 March 2010

Oh, Sorry Day

I don't normally like to be helped in shops but the wine at Majestic was piled high and precarious and the assistant was young and willing so I accepted her smiling offer.

photo: ~jjjohn~
"Yes, please: could you fish out a dozen of those Côtes du Rhône, right there at the bottom of the stack"

"Ah", she said, "my Dad likes that wine"

Her Dad? Her Dad?

Oh, sad and desperate day.
Oh, woeful encounter.
Oh, mean and sorry chance.

Do thee compare me to thy father?,
(I wanted to say)
Surely I am younger and have a wittier blog?

Oh, woman, speak not of your father, tell me of your boyfriend or your lover, tell me of the velvet, scented wine you carry home from work to share with him on a warm spring evening.. Or, failing that, what does your brother drink?

What I actually said was "Oh. Does he?"

Later, at the till, while she waited for me to find my glasses so that I could enter my PIN number, she compounded her error, asking me if I would like her to help carry my wine to my car.
More in resignation than in revenge: I said yes

1 comment:

M4GD said...

Oh Dennis...Dennis…you never miss a beat with your (presumably) human encounters!!:-)
Are you sure it’s age? May be you hid your true self and could not properly sing her the latest Taylor Swift's song tenderly enough Or introduced yourself as ‘Botogol’ rather than ‘Dial-a-Dennis for Mischief’? Or forgot to show up with your bike and sexy bright green helmet?

And if it is age, as you reckon here, it’s not the end of the world! You‘re just like fine wine Dennis. Your posts indicate that you’re getting better with age!! Here is to spring and your blog's new swanky look!

PS I absolutely love this post’s pic!