29 October 2010

We went to Tate Modern

... to see the porcelain sunflower seeds. We found them


M4GD said...

Mainpost: Well, And did you test the seeds and planted them on site to repeatedly return to the Tate Modern and inspect?!

Sidebar: Lovely pre match entertainment. Apart from Moulin Rouge/Las Vegas spectacle, it brings something softer to mind the 1920s 'CBTD' recited style to dazzle!:-)

Bill Quango MP said...

When you go back add 'BIN' underneath.

Botogol said...

it's a bit of a disaster for the Tate. The only thing of any interest in the seeds, really, was to be able to go out on to them, and mess about. With access closed off the whole point of them has disappeared, and they are probably stuck with them.

I was very tempted to take my life in my hands and venture out. but then british reserve (and, yes, the admonitions of Mrs Botogol) won out and I stayed demurely behind the roope.

M4GD said...

oh okay so you are not there anymore? Good to know. In the absence of two weeks' worth of your exceptional bloggging, rumors had it you were still diligently ‘counting’ seeds at the Tate Modern!:-) In a Dilbert-like move, your plan was to continue with it till the Madison Violets arrive in order to impress them with your Maths skills and perhaps score your Parkour Lazy pic on their stage!!! Sneaky you! Can we ever trust those economists! Don't try hard ie back to proper blogging may do it!;-)