31 January 2011

Street Life

Has anyone noticed the astonishing resemblence between London's Shard and Mordor's mighty Barad Dȗr?

One is a fearsome monolith, a display of power and strength forged by deceit and ruthlessness, designed to dominate the wastelands around it for a thousand years. The other is a fictional creation of JRR Tolkein

The Shard
Barad Dur


M4GD said...

Yes, I can see it too! While it is a very interesting and thought-provoking observation, I guess it is not unusual for you to observe and find such a pattern! You are a mathematician at heart so inherently you are easily able more than most to detect it. I recently read somewhere that this pattern-finding phenomenon has a mathematical explanation akin to the probability of easily finding two people or more sharing the same birth date. So, go figure:-)

But back to the buildings and spirit of place:

“Stone by stone I pile
this cairn of my intention
with the noon’s weight on my back,
exposed and vulnerable
across the slanting fields
which I love but I can not save
from floods that are to come;
can only fasten down
with this work of my hands,
these painfully assembled
stones, in the shape of nothing
that has ever existed before.
A pile of stones: an assertion
that this piece of country matters
for large and simple reasons.
A mark of resistance, a sign.”
----“A Mark of Resistance” by Adrienne Rich
Courtesy of Poetry, Issue: August 1957

Lenon said...

The caption of the image are interchange. Great thoughts indeed..The Shard looks creepy at a dark background.