28 November 2008

He Sings the Songs that Remind Him Of The Good Times

picture by MatthewBradley
From: YouTube [mailto:no_reply@youtube.com]

Sent: 21 November 2008 03:18
To: botogol
Subject: A copyright owner has claimed content in one of your videos

Dear botogol,
Video Disabled A copyright owner has claimed it owns some or all of the audio content in your video TRFC U9 Rugby.
The audio content identified in your video is Tubthumping by Chumbawamba. We regret to inform you that your video has been blocked from playback due to a music rights issue.

Now, I'm all in favour of copyright and I understand why record companies have a hard time with Limewire, and I'd be really miffed if people copied out Greenideas and pasted it all over the internet 1 but I find it hard to believe that Chumbawumba's inalienable rights and long-term financial security are being seriously violated by the TRFC U9s.

In fact the reverse: you would think that in the world of the long tail, and a sea of content flooding the internet, that sound-track might serve to keep their ditty alive and remembered a little longer.

So how does it work anyway? Have record companies built bots that download all the video on youtube, and listen to it, searching for their unique chord sequences?  That must be a rewarding job: "I'm in the Music Business" "Oh, yes, what do you do?"  "Umm - music silencing department"

And all that effort to prolong a business model that must, surely be dead. I think we'll look back at the music business as a distinctly 20th century coda, a wierd period where large companies were, astonishingly,  able to control the distribution of . . . music. Kind of like GM seeds.

Sigh - so there must be a service that allows me to disguise the soundtrack so that it is unrecognisable to robots and but sounds exactly the same to the mums and dads of the U9s?
1Transparent lie warning : of course I'd love it :-)


Burgin Streetman said...

i thought footnotes were supposed to cover vague intellectual references, not obvious ego revelations....

Botogol said...

hmmm. wrong type of footnotes then.

Anonymous said...

But where are the yellow stockings?

Botogol said...

I am wearing them, of course.
Don't tell me - wrong shade of yellow?

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny! I was just looking for this song (tubthumping), but remembered some lyrics, and found it through this post. Now I can find it and play it in spotify, a service I actually pay for. So indeed, this post about that video has earned someone(*) $0.02. Probably I'll now play some tracks from other one hit wonders!

* I actually don't know if they get 2 cents because I play the song, and who knows who really gets paid anyhow.

Botogol said...

curses, I have fed the hand that bit me.

Anonymous said...

I'm buying it too, having listened to it after reading your post. It's a great song - ideal for under 9's rugby. Are you on a secret commission?

Botogol said...

LTTP - you should have seen my video!
perhaps i'll post it back up again.