02 December 2008

This Old House

picture by Mc Morr
Like everyone who works for an investment bank we have two properties: one to live in and one to lie awake at night, worrying about, when it's empty.

Still, at least it gives me plenty of time to practice my DIY, now that we're unable to afford any workmen, on account of the credit crunch; and the totally irresponsible lending policies of HSBC (what on earth were they thinking of lending me 134 times my bonus?), and last weekend I mostly spent painting (it turned out when I lifted up the old and evidently porous newspapers) our front doorstep.

Next weekend I am mostly removing paint, and that may not sound like fun, but actually it's a reassuring thing having a weekend planned ahead. Normally I wait for Mrs Botogol to tell me what to wear, then I put on the clothes that are indicated, inspect myself carefully in the mirror and I might think  "Smart shirt, stripey trousers? Hey, I reckon I'm going to a dinner party!" or  "Boots, Jeans, Jacket? - a long walk"   Last weekend I found myself in old t-shirt, shorts and trainers:  "Am I going jogging?"  "No you're washing the car"

The house is looking nice now; even if the front door does need another coat.
15th Century it is (the house, not the door) in Rye, if you would like to rent it. Then I could use the money to get a man in.


Anonymous said...

I would very much like to visit your house in Rye but can only come on the weekend starting Friday 12 December leaving on Sunday 14 December. I have a wife and 3 teenage children who are all house trained, non-smokers. Can I order a Saturday Telegraph and a Sunday Times, breakfast in bed (a 4 minute boiled egg, orange juice - freshly squeezed - and a double espresso).

Anonymous said...

Oooh, how exciting! Your life is just like Mr Benn's - you are a besuited, behatted banker most of the time, only to be regularly spectacularly transformed through the donning of new and strange apparel that mysteriously appears in just your size:


Has Mrs Botogol ever laid out astronaut clothes on a Saturday, or indeed dragon fighting kit one otherwise dull Sunday?

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow night it's dancing shoes with the smart shirt. Can you manage that?

Botogol said...

@Mystery Shopper - that will be fine, soldiers with the egg?

@Anon 13:00 - very good, now why didn't I think of Mr Benn. Was it a subconscious influence, or did I just invent it all over again on my own

@Anon 16:57 - yes, dear.

Anonymous said...

Soldiers? Yes please.