18 December 2008

The Spirit of Christmas

picture by law_keven
At work this year I have received just one Christmas Card:
Dear Botogol
it said
Have a very Happy Holidays 
(we don't have Christmas in Investment Banks, we have Holidays)
and thank you for all your help

'Ah, isn't that nice", I thought,
"I wish I knew someone called 'Kate'"
I stared at the scrawled handwriting trying my best to turn it into a 'Jane' (I know a Jane) or a 'Mark' (I know a Mark) or even a "Parminder". 
Not that I could recall helping any of them, mind, that didn't sound like me. But anyway it remained, defiantly "Kate".
Must have been delivered to the wrong office?

But then there aren't many people called Botogol where I work.

Frustrated, I took the option of last resort: with a creak I opened my office door and poked my head out to interrogate my team. "Oi!, team! did you see who left this card in my office?"  
They quickly minimised facebook, minicllip and www.get-a-bigger-bonus.com and concentrated carefully on my question. 
"No, Sorry", said Jane
"Didn't see anyone", said Mark
"I'm not sure?", said Parminder, who is quite young?  "because I don't really know her? but it might have been that woman from Controllers? Kate Jones?"

"Oh", I said, "right", I said, "It was Kate then. Well, thanks"
My Help
I wonder if I am supposed send her a card.


Burgin Streetman said...

this is a very dear story, seriously. you must send a card, but you should make it one that is overly sentimental and elaborate where you reveal something that you've never revealed to anyone else... begging her to ask the question... who is this botogol... really?

Botogol said...

a link to my my blog, perhaps?
I don't think so!