10 May 2009

TRI-ing Times

Buoys in the Lake by 10b travelling
"First Time?", they asked me and I nodded, "Don't worry, the lake's not too cold now, just sign this disclaimer.... and this one.... and fill in this one.... Now, what colour hat will you be wearing?"

Hat? I needed a hat? I suddenly had that Golf Club feeling. You know, it's like that dream when when you suddenly realise you are naked, but worse: you are at the Gold Club, addressing the ball at the first tea when a steward coughs and indignantly hauls you back to the clubhouse for wearing shorts that are insufficently tailored.

And you are not dreaming  (This has happened to me twice)

"I, um, I didn't know I had to wear a hat"
"Well, you're supposed to, really: it's just so that the safety boat can see you clearly"

It was getting worse and worse.

And then they pointed out the 750m buoys to me. "No, not that one - look see the red one? No, not that one, further than that, no further than that, no further than that...."

Impetuously I suddenly hauled up the zip on my (surely too tight?) wetsuit and I leapt in.

It was very cold. I quickly realised just exactly why everyone else was wearing a hat.

Four weeks to go


M4GD said...

Leave a glass of milk and two cookies (one chocolate chip and the second oatmeal raisins) by the main door before you go to bed tonight. Who knows Christmas may arrive early and Santa can get you a hat fairly soon! Just make sure you tell him your favourite color:-)
Here is a hearty good luck, bonne chance et surtout bon courage! All fingers and toes are crossed for you with a virtual cheerleading yell: Go Botogol Go!:-)

Botogol said...

it's green, m4gd, it's green.