12 July 2009

You could set it as a problem

Last week I have been mostly listening to Paolo Nutini.

No, I'd never heard of him either, until I watched Glasto on BBC2 where he was the highlight of the highlights singing the wonderful Pencil Full of Lead.

His new album - Sunny Side Up was released last month. It's a cracker and with its eclectic and eccentric mixture of references and genres it's also a curious thing. You could set it as a problem for a musical Ingénue:
Popular Music 101: Listen to these ten tracks and identify the genres.
Bonus marks are awarded for detecting influences and musical references.
Pencil Full of Lead?  It reminds me of no one more than Louis Prima 1, and with the reinforcing reference to Reet Petite,  I'd identify it as swing.

Here's my other favourite - 10/10

I'd say that was is Ska. Other songs are variously country, pop, folk and is that even a Calypso tune? Anyway it's all great stuff, here's a playlist of my favourites: sharpen your exam pencil and post your analysis in a comment.


(1) it's no surprise, therefore that you can also find Nutini covering I Wanna Be Like You on YouTube.


Burgin Streetman said...

they are great... thanks for sharing.

M4GD said...

Excellent choice! Surprisingly, given that sometimes I suffer from the ‘living under a rock’ syndrome, I actually heard of Paolo Nutini! I do play him on my Rhapsody from time to time. My first introduction was through ‘Last Request’ and 'Loving You' I love his hodgepodge style of creativity! Sunny Side Up, takes you on an unexpected wild ride from the Wild West then down the Mississippi via Beale Street and down down for a stop at New Orleans! I love Pencil full of Lead as it sumptuously feeds the lover of Jazz, Swing, and Big Band music in me. Equally, his melancholy voice along the solo guitar in Tricks of the Trade is lovely.
As for Hanson…nothing changed still SUCKS! And E-Rockit ROCKS!

Botogol said...

Tricks of the Trade is a great song.
I have been back and listened to all the first album, and I have to say that Paolo has pulled off that rare trick of prodcucing a second album better than the first.

(although recently Taylor Swift did just that, and also so did Norah Jones, but still...)

@scribbler - Scotland as the new home of country music, eh? Austin, shmaustin

Botogol said...

Update - he is playing Hammersmith Apollo on 30 Sept (will be there) and, Scribler, he is touring Texas in August. Coming soon, to a place near you.

Well, Fort Lauderdale, Austin, Dallas and Houston.

M4GD said...

Whew re music finally we agree on something! ;-)
Re your side bar and politics: I think you are wasting your time doing Banking. Get off the bike and run for office! Your campaign slogan would be: “Here is to EG a different COP” (Translation: EG = Everything Green or even For Example :-) , COP = Chief of Party)!
Hanson: Is he one of us i.e. an earth inhabitant?

Botogol said...

@M4GD - last year he was right here on Green Ideas writing comments :-) so he can't be all bad.

M4GD said...

Okay now this was helpful. He is a semi-earthy then: -) Some of his wild ideas are actually wildly logical! I like it!

Alphabet is really so COOL!
Ugly men on the side bar?! What is ugly? Is it one who does not measure up to what’s on the cover of Esquire or GQ? Give me a break! This is so superficial. Natural physical beauty or Nip/Tuck acquired eventually fades! This is a true story: Someone once tried to impress me by introducing himself as a Brad Pitt look alike. What he did not know is that the Brad Pitts do nothing for me. Why we no longer highlight the importance of what really matters and lasts: the beauty of the soul, brain, hygiene, natural chemistry (as what is ugly to one is not to another) …now that is a whole lot of Hanson discussions…:-)

M4GD said...

Apollo - I recommend the documentary 'In the Shadow of the Moon' I saw it last March. Excellent footage and interviews even the absence of the reclusive Armstrong does not take away from its quality. One of the astronauts made a comment to the effect that they needed poets not pilots with them in order to truly capture the beauty of what they saw!

M4GD said...

Somewhere in between the Star Trek universe and the Tour de France, people are making a request for a new GI post? (please don’t shoot the messenger) :-)

Botogol said...

oops - nine days without a post. I have started several but I haven't finished...

M4GD said...

Buzz says: “Eagle to London – in peace for all mankind, we advise Botogol to cut the slack, stop eating our space food, and lay-off the Tang and Stardust indulgence. This way, his brain will regain normal position and the GI’s post will be finished pronto!” Message Over - Over from the Sea of Tranquility:-)