27 April 2010

What goes on tour...

If it's April it's Rugby Tour. This year the theme was Christmas, and there were seven snowmen, five elves,eight Santas, one Jacob Morley and a Tree.  I wore a hat.

Monkey Rugby - by mochida1970
As a punishment for our disappointing costumes the judge sentenced four other pitch-side grinches and I to an hour each in the monkey suit.

This tour I had a staunch ally in my long standing resistance to fancy dress and themes of all sorts: my mate Chopin (who was conveniently too tall for the monkey suit) and he and made a pledge of mutual rebellion and steadfastness in the face of silly costumes. 

On the first evening I texted Mrs Botogol at home : Chopin & I r rebelling. we r nt sheep we r indvdls wth r own mnds

Mrs Botogol texted back  
Don't tell me - have you two gone out to the pub together? 

yes how did u kno?

When we got back to the site Chopin and I had to run a gauntlet of angry pixies to get back to our caravan where our respective offspring were waiting. I confidently expected to bask in their admiration - "Just wear the monkey suit why don't you?" said my more socially compliant son.


bystander said...

Those monkey costumes are amazingly realistic. Is that your son with the ball?

Botogol said...

He's in the background. Fell off the tackle. Grr.

M4GD said...

…So, you only play rugby, wear monkey suits, and don’t play music on these tours?! And there are no ‘groupies’ buses or private jets à la Mick Jagger???

Botogol said...

what goes on tour... stays on tour, M4GD

M4GD said...

:-) hmmm No, really...you wouldn’t say! Oh the suspense, excitement, and intrigue you Rugby people create! What a smooth celebrity-like answer Mr. Botogol! That’s what the celebrities often say when they are about to publish their book!!! But will Chopin write it with you? Could you tell us a bit more about him? And Could you please introduce me to Chopin? I want his autograph ;-)