07 May 2010

32 Songs - So far

A reminder, my 32 songs are being asembled here http://32-songs.greenideas.com/

The Story so far
~ 1 ~ Favourite Song
~ 2 ~ Least Favourite Song
~ 3 ~ A song that makes you happy


Someone said...

Day 5: A Bridge over Troubled Water.

What a beautiful post, so moving, and what a wonderful father you have. It brought tears to my eyes.

M4GD said...

Why I’m not surprised that you have “Bridge Over Troubled Water” on your list. It’s a great song! Paul and Art will live forever separate or together!
I absolutely love it. It is a very dear song to me. However, for me it would be in entry 04 - a song that makes you sad as it is associated with a memory of loss:-(

Your write up for this song and its selection profoundly overflows with your depth and sensitivity!
Glad there are people like you on planet earth.

Botogol said...

hmm. it's probably a facade :-)

outside-jane said...

I am enjoying your 32 songs - and honoured to feature twice already. We share many favourites!

Botogol said...

@OJ - of course the whole exercise is merely to provoke you into doing the same :-)