11 May 2010

Ups and Downs

Well I, for one, welcome our new ConDem overlords.

Picture by Origamidon

But I am grumpy about finding myself older than the Prime Minister. Too soon, too soon.

(Did the Tories give away too much?)

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M4GD said...

Well, here is a very refreshing original thought for your Dilbert entry write-up rather than the boring stuff I read there so far:
Title: “The Day I became a hot Swedish: In the Blue and Yellow – Wingman Experience (*)”
Mr. Botogol: Make sure you take good notes when you go to the bar tonight! So, easy on the vodka drinks!;-)

Good luck to your friend and happy writing for you!
(*) No offence intended to Sweden. The reference is made purely due to the blue and yellow in its flag!