02 December 2006

Rocky Horror Plants?

Saw the Rocky Show for the umpteenth time. An excellent production with David Bedella and Suzanne Shaw, and as much fun as always.

However (and perhaps I am getting unduly cynical in my middle age), is it possible that this production includes some plants in the audience?

You'd hardly think it was necessary, to plant a heckler at the RHS, but.....but.... all the same: were one or two of the heckles just too good? but Was there sometimes a pause-for-heckle at just the right time? It made me want to see it again, just to check.

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outside-jane said...

By the time you go back to check, you will probably have thought of some really good heckles, and having seen the production it shouldn't be hard to pick the best moment to shout... ahhh? D'you think...? [grin]