06 June 2007

Work-Life Balance


In the same way that my dog doesn't eat meat*, I don't do those blog-tag, memey things.

However for some reason I was quite taken by outside_jane's journey to work, and I unaccountably resolved to do the same thing. So here it is: my journey from home...

My Street

...to work


Except, not quite the same thing : while she is in the sub-tropical Phillippines, and works in a glamorous dive and surf shop, I am in suburban London and the only surfing I manage is at my desk, between coffee-break and lunchtime. Oh, and in the afternoons.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, or quite the most tedious post I've ever made on this blog. If for some reason there is anyone still reading, and remotely interested, here's the complete set of pictures - as thumbnails, or as a slideshow

*....because I don't give it any.


Anonymous said...

If you watched the slideshow, an observation test: how many aeroplanes did you see?

Anonymous said...

Is it 3 (and one jumbo ;-) )(or are 1 and 2 the same airplane and so only count as one)?

Anonymous said...

Definately a desperate and quite honestly boring blog! (yawn)
Nevertheless, even I appreciated the Indian jumbo to spice things up ;-)

outside-jane said...

I liked the train and tube shots! Oooh - rush hour! I don't miss that [grin] although Canary Wharf Tube is beautiful.