24 April 2008

Pearls and Grit

"So, why don't you ever write about me on your blog?" asked my friend Mystery Shopper, plaintively.
"Well, give me something to write about"
"What sort of thing?"
"To be honest, M-S, it would have to be pretty good"
"How good?"
"Pretty. Good. You know: Insider information... Celebrity Gossip... Free Opera tickets... An idea for a dotcom start up. Tell you what: for a dotcom startup I'll even throw in a dozen oysters and a margarita"

Twenty four hours later we were discussing domain names in Wrights, between us two pacific, two mersea, two dover, three spanish and three wasabi, and before us a barman sweating over a couple of rock-hard limes.

"But Botogol, what if my idea is rubbish?"
"50/50 on the oysters and I get the last Wasabi, but don't worry: I'll blog about you anyway"
"As long as it's not just a collection of half truths and cheap jokes at my expense"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have an idea that I was throwing pearls before swine - or are you make a pig's ear out of a Silk's purse?