20 August 2008


Bass Rock bathed in Scottish sunshine. By D.Y
After nearly two weeks holiday in Scotland I think I can safely report that:
  • it's true: Global Warming really has stopped.
  • Indeed if the prevalence of wetsuits on the beach is any guide at all, then an ice age is imminent, again.
  • fortunately we can rely completely on the ever-present lukewarm rain in Northern Britain to melt the glaciers and save us from the spreading menace.
It has to be said that the Kingdom of Fife isn't at its best in the rain. Which is a shame, because it seems to rain a lot.

"Out in the distance", proffered our guide, as we traipsed round the local National Trust castle "you can see Bass Rock. Keep a wee watch on it ev'ry morn" [Look, you'll just have to imagine the accent, work with me here, OK?] "and ye'll see it's a different colour every day, do ye ken? Perhaps you've even noticed some different colours already in your stay?"

Yes. Grey.

At the Cocoa Tree cafe, chock full of damp tourists, I divulged to the cheery waitress that I was from London. "Oh, well ye'll be wanting the internet access, then", she said (No, she wasn't Scottish).

But she was right! It's not at all a bad place to sit and blog over a small and extraordinarily good cup of intense hot chocolate with a dash of chilli (recipe kept determinedly secret despite two separate and heartfelt requests)

"When I was your age, you know, we didn't have wetsuits", I sniffed to the Botogol children.
I felt about 74.

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