28 January 2009

New Year Makeovers & What We Are.

Just like John Thain, I have redecorated.

He spent $1,200,000 on his office; I can report, dear reader,  that on my cubicle I spent less: Approximately $1,199,985 less.

Thain's centrepiece was a stupidly-expensive designer rug, purchased solely to demonstrate his wealth and power  (only a banker could do that, right?)  My centrepiece was some new art postcards from the National Gallery, which I blu-tacked onto the glass partition between myself and my neighbour to allow me to surf the internet undetected improve our mutual privacy.

Thain was sacked. But even so, I guess he won't have to worry about his pension like I do. Oh well.

New Years Resolutions - because We are what we repeatedly do.

This year I have stolen three themes from older, wiser friends, who know better.

Theme - learn moderation, not abstinence
  • in drink: to drink with friends and loved ones not with clients or co-workers, to oil a conversation not to wash down a plate of pasta, to accompany a smoked salmon blini, not Trial and Retribution
  • food: to eat three meals a day not four (or two). To be able to tell whether I am hungry and if I'm not, to stop eating. At all costs to avoid canapés.
Theme - to OCD only the good habits (because it's hard when a habit takes a hold)
    • to weigh myself once a week, exercise five times - and blog twice
    • to have breakfast with my children every Wednesday -  whether they like it or not
    • to be nicer to Mrs Botogol
    Theme - to have more human contact at work
    • fewer emails, more phone calls
    • seek out Kate, whomsever she is
    • find out the name of the youtube, Ocado and google-news fanatic in the next door cubicle. I mean - why not? after all these years...

    Meanwhile... at work 

    In our secret santa  last month an anonymous co-worker bought me a book of art pictures. It turned out to contain two of the postcards I have on my cubicle wall.

    My first thought was "That is an unusual present for a secret santa" 
    My second thought was: "Ah, I can see why they bought this: just because I have art postcards on my cubicle wall they think I am some kind of arty-type of person"
    My third thought was "But I do have art postcards on my cubicle wall.... perhaps I am some kind of arty-type person"

    What we actually are.

    We are what we hang on our cubicle walls.


    M4GD said...

    The first pic is it a Kandisky? I love it.
    Clearly, your postcards have more substance than his centrepiece.
    Redecorating the cubicle is good but what about a personal makeover? A new haircut or parting it on the other side?
    Moderation is good but with guardedness as it may amount to a no particular view and turns out to be a state of indifference. I’d follow my heart.
    Habit is part of being human. Hard to start but you can nail it down to a second nature if you stick to it for 42 days in a row. It’ll be entrenched.
    WBWB (it is not a Warner Brothers logo it is Wednesday Breakfast with Botgols) sounds lovely. Make it interesting and get them engaged, they’ll seek it.
    Human contact is good. It’ll be interesting to see how you will fair on this one. It is often the natural laws of supply and demand on our time get in the way.
    The Kates are special yet they are everywhere - if you look closely. And yup it’s glaringly obvious you are an ‘Arty.’ It’s refreshing! Oh and smoked salmon blinis are fantastic but with wild smoked salmon though not the farmed one as we need plenty of that lovely DHA in our brain. New to your blog and love it. thx

    Botogol said...

    :-) thank you M4GD, and welcome to GI.
    A new haircut? We obviously haven't met, have we? :-) :-)
    I have been rowing my sideburns a little longer - not that anyone has noticed.

    Burgin Streetman said...

    how come all your commenters are as witty as you?

    M4GD said...

    Oopsy…sorry about the hair cut comment then! No, we have not met in person. But cherchez ‘Mystery Shopper’ who found me crying in a basket outside a church door:-)Thanks for the warm welcome.

    Botogol said...

    @ M4GD
    - so, you know who I am, but I don't know who you are. Gulp. It's like being in spooks: my legend is in tatters, am I a redshirt?

    @ scribbler
    - *as* witty? :-)
    (- no, a different sort of redshirt)

    M4GD said...

    First, a hearty thank you to Scribbler!
    Second, Mr. Botogol: Take a deep breath. Your legend is in tact. Your legend lives! Bask in the light with no fear! You will get to know me through my comments. I’m truly harmless ;-) ‘Mystery Shopper’ holds a reference or two re Moi! Peace.

    Burgin Streetman said...

    really, you couldn't be more intriguing...

    or awesome.... and the most witty of all the wits, hand down.

    outside-jane said...

    Are your commenters flirting?! How charming - your refurb seems to have transformed your blog space into a seductively lit Lounge with soft music & candles. Well done you!

    I do notice, however, that your revamp has also involved dropping the link to my blog? What did I do to deserve that?! Blood is only a little bit thicker than water your know. You drop me and I'll drop you...!

    Botogol said...

    @M4GD: I feel I know you a little already

    @scribbler: aw, shucks

    @outside-jane: ;-)
    (and sorry, I'm not sure how that happened, full linking to the very excellent meanwhile time flies - (this week with a deathlessm, mexican cliff-hanger) will be restored forthwith)

    M4GD said...

    Scribbler and Jane you may have just gained one more reader to your respective blogs:-) !
    Botogol: I’ll help you to know me along the way. Hint: The key is to always start with me from base camp i.e. every time I send a comment, assume I know nothing about anything or anyone. This way you will always be pleasantly surprised. Peace.

    Burgin Streetman said...

    I am actually a man posing as a woman who likes men who in reality can't get laid at all.... and I am writing this while seated in a soiled wife beater on a couch with my 89 year-old-granny as she watches Deal or No Deal and eats apple sauce and deviled ham.

    and I like corn dogs and sex with sheep, but hey, I'm funny like that.

    M4GD said...

    @ Sribbler: And that was your Thursday TMI (Too Much Information) moment! That bad huh. It screams: I need to leave Texas!

    Botogol said...

    My goodness, I step away for a few minutes and all this excitement has broken out :-)

    @scribbler - I suddenly feel I know too much about you! but I am always pleased to learn a new word. Or a new meaning - would you believe that here in London a wifebeater is a can of Stella Artois

    @m4gd -

    Burgin Streetman said...