07 May 2009

In Fighting

picture by Thomas Hawk
So last night I went to the IT Department Project Phoenix Planning Office drinks. 

I am in the Stakeholder Office Project Phoenix Planning. We perform *precisely* the same role as the IT PPPO, but on behalf of a different department, which doesn't trust them. 

The IT-PPPO are supported by a well-known consulting firm for whom I used to work for many moons ago - something I had previously managed to refrain from mentioning to the team, but that night I was rumbled for who should be there but an old colleague, still at the firm, who recognised me and strode over before I could escape. I remembered her well (apart from her name, naturally), as a well-meaning woman of conspicuous mediocrity. She's a partner, now, of course. We reminisced of ghosts from my past, and exchanged entertainingly salacious gossip.

The IT-PPPO drinks were held as part of their global onsite, and we at the SOPPP were invited as a gesture to build better relationships with eachother, so that we could quit squabbling, work more closely together, and - in time - perhaps even unite against the common enemy: the McKinsey Project Phoenix Planning Team (who perform exactly the same function, on behalf etc etc)

The Reggie Perrin remake  is pretty rubbish - but it does capture something of corporate life.

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M4GD said...

I wonder after three to five martinis, how can one professionally say: Hello I’m IT-PPPO or SOPPP all in one go? :-) or Do you all walk around tagged with glow-in-the-dark name tags?
This is very suspicious! Watch for what to come next: They always start with the drinks and then the next thing you get is a Memo announcing that the two teams will exchange a 360 degree feedback/performance evaluation!! How is that for bonding and ending the in fighting? This is when the ‘salacious gossip’ can back fire! Gossip is bad bad bad bad bad! Bad Botogol! They’ll send you to the Mckinsey evil empire for punishment or may be this will be your chance to run from it all!