09 August 2009

Bodging it

OK, so the problem was that the rain didn't actually drip into the gutter - oh no - it was running round the edge of the roof-felt and back along the underside of the roof, through the gap between the gutter and the wall..

(see it?)

and then down the wall.

..making the wall very wet.
Get a man in?

No, sir!
I bodged it...
Good eh?
And this evening I have fixed my computer by taking it apart and hoovering out all the dust. 
Is there anything I can't bodge?
I think not.


Burgin Streetman said...

classy job there mr. fix it.

Botogol said...

Later I painted the foam black.
(there are not details too fine for me to bother with).

M4GD said...

Very clever Mr. Dennis Pinocchio Fix it!
…So, do your loyal readers get some freebies?
e.g. a service to help them bodging a dog house or an apartment ceiling leak(Hint: better than receiving the green bicycle toy prototype or the painting that shows a copy of your genome / DNA chain that you had in mind to give away for Christmas;-))

outside-jane said...

Great website dedicated to your fellow bodgers:


Nice job - although I am pleased to painted the foam too. Makes all the difference!

martine said...

Wish I could persuade my bodger to hoover his computer.
Found you because you listed Godel Escher Bach:-)
made me laugh, as did your profile.
thanks for sharing

Botogol said...

Hi Martine, welcome to GI...
The hoovering seems to have done the trick as well. The PC hasn't crashed for three weeks :-)

Perhaps downloading new drivers for the graphics card helped as well.