20 September 2009

Heffalump's Footsteps

Walking to work last week in the low, dazzling September exalting in the cool, milky autumn air; I was juggling my mp3 player, my newspaper, my blackberry, my phone and my old-man glasses when the phone rang.

Parallel Worlds by alicepopkorn ( in and out )

Glancing at the display I was nonplussed to see who was calling for there on the screen was flashing  Alibert Botogol [Work]

Now, I've seen an episode or two of Dr Who in my time, so I knew pretty much what to expect: most likely my alter ego from a parallel universe was taking advantage of a tiny wormhole in the space-time continuum to place a call to summon my assistance with a problem that was threatening the security of the entire multiverse.

Either that or someone was burgling my office, had found my address book, and was having a laugh at my expense.

Not sure which prospect was the more frightening and full of curiosity but not without hesitation, and somewhat gingerly, I took the call.

"Hello, Alibert Botogol speaking?", I said just as the person at the other end said exactly the same thing. "Hello? Hello?" we both continued,  talking over each other, until, spooked, I fell silent. So did the other guy.... I waited, coolly....

...until a tiny squeal from my pocket distracted me and I fished out of my jacket... my blackberry. I must have forgotten to lock the keys when I stuffed it away for it seemed to be making a phone call.....


outside-jane said...

Great blog! Made me smile. Am very disappointed that you didn't get to save the multiverse though! Maybe next time...

M4GD said...

Nice production Botogol! Me thinks for such an output, you have a killer combination of an input = Too much Star Trek + your recent completion of the Time Traveller’s Wife + the built-in ‘Denise the Menace/Pinocchio Effect’;-)
The lesson learned on the green-colored plaque on your desk should read:
”It takes a Botogol to get a Botogol!”
PS M4GDism fosters creativity and imagination. Therefore, the one and only M4GD clan member will commission Santa to send you an early XMAS gift/award: a Pinocchio Pencil, tied with a green ribbon, and soon coming to a red mail box near you!
I sent a subliminal message covered with sparkling green stardust to Santa so hope it’ll be picked up and your parcel finds you soon:-)