01 October 2009

computer wants a blog

It's not as though I haven't been busy since my last post: two visits to the Hammersmith Apollo (Rich Hall and Paolo Nutini), 10km Charity Run (4 minutes slower than last time, oops) Bacon and Egg sarnie in the Hampton Court sunshine...

But no glistening bloggable triumphs or disasters.

My software developer I hear you ask? seven approvals gained - just one more to go :-)  That's quick.


M4GD said...

One approval to go! Good for you! As the saying goes: Onwards and Upwards and Long Live Rock and Roll!

You made me laugh re the Bacon comment. Is it a British thing then? Recently on an overseas trip, the small world and the intricacies of destiny made me sit at a dinner table across a lovely British couple (Aerospace Engineers) who left England about 11 years ago. I asked what do you miss the most about home? I got the following answer: (1) Pork Pies, (2) Real Bacon, (3) Theatre, and (4) the last Prom at the Albert Hall! My response: hmmm Bacon? Really? Why? Where you are now you do get a decent array of Bacon selection and especially the Canadian variety? The couple immediately responded in an eerie enthusiastic synch in the same breath which exuded warm nostalgia: “No, there is nothing like the round British Bacon!”

PS I looked for a poem on Bacon but could not find any:-)

Unknown said...
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M4GD said...

…At last, Hanson is making sense.:-) And, I do not find it surprising. I agree with the question you raised. First comment by Jess is Excellent! It's the best.