06 May 2010

What really bugs me about the #ukelection

Three things really bug me about the election

1 - The ballot is not secret:
  • each ballot paper is numbered.
  • the returning officer carefully records your elector number against the ballot paper number.
  • anyone who imagines that the ballots papers are not later retrieved, and reconciled to the electoral roll is living in a dreamworld
2 - Party activists outside polling stations impersonate officials in order to collect the identities of the gullible.
  • Here is a video of a conservative activist quite shamelessly doing just that http://bit.ly/dpJIcf
  • One time I voted there was a policeman in attendance and I involved him in the matter - he was completely uninterested. What was he there for?
3- Postal vote fraud

This is the postal vote fraud election

1 comment:

M4GD said...

...but you voted! Now work on electoral reforms!