03 April 2007

This month I have been mostly...

Top 10 Dinner Party Conversations
for middle-class 40somethings
in South-West London

March 2007

All Together Round The Table

  1. Car Insurance for 17 year old learners [prohibitive, extortionate cost of]
  2. Sex [are our children doing it?]
  3. House Prices, London [prohibitive, extortionate cost of]
  4. House Prices, Tarn Valley [prohibitive, extortionate cost of]
  5. Triathlon Training [endless, tedious details of]
  6. Police [persecution of middle classes by]
  7. Tony Blair [did you see him doing 'am I bovvered' for comic relief, he was pretty good in fact. You can't imagine Gordon Brown pulling that off, can you?]
  8. Daniel Radcliffe naked [much better actor than you'd expect actually. And, no, he didn't]
  9. Polish Builders [sudden scareness of; not as cheap as they used to be. Actually I know a little man who..]
  10. Global Warming [the wisteria in our garden is out already]

The Men-On-Their-Own

  1. Did you see the rugby last week?
  2. Bob Woolmer [apparently it says on the net that...]
  3. Did you see the football last week?
  4. What about Pakistan in the world cup then? [see 2]
  5. Triathlon Training [anyway, as I was saying / so how much did the bike cost really?]

The Women-On-Their-Own

  1. Husbands [general uselessness of]
  2. Sex [See 1]
  3. Schools [general uselessness of]
  4. Umm....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is surprising that Men-on-Their-Own do not discuss sex or uselessness of wives?. Perhaps they just think about it!! Homer Simpson - sex, beer and baseball!!
AND I'm not sure that as 40somethings Women-on-Their-Own discuss sex as a hot topic but you are right to observe that husbands uselessness is always number one on the list. You appear to miss the permutation of Men-and-Women-(unmarried but friends)-on-Their-Own dinner party conversations..or is this out-of-scope for middle class 40somethings in South-West London? :-)