01 October 2007


It's been a long time since I thought of Mr Motivator, but there he was, on Sunday, motivating. And a very good job he was doing as well: in front of him in Hampton Court Great Park stood 4,000 turquoise-clad idiots all pumping to the left, lunging to the right, and jumping on the spot.

Except me. Never one for dancing in public (except for the flamenco of course, and the rugby club dinner, naturally), I remained still and poised, cool and alert, coiled like a spring and ready to run.

Well, jog anyway. Ten kilometres is an awfully long way. And I got stuck in the maze.

Forty-Eight minutes Fifty-Two seconds, though :-)

I call that well and truly motivated.


Anonymous said...

You were wise to abstain from dancing - you'd only have pulled a muscle ;-) and scuppered your 10k time...better to sing motivating and apt Dixie Chicks' song instead :-) What's wrong with 49mins 52secs rather than words? ;-) How are the hip flexors anyway?
Oh yeah well done!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon :-)
Pleased to report: all body parts working normally (tired and aching in other words)