29 October 2007

Working 5 to 9

This last fortnight I've been working like a dog.

Well, OK, not exactly like a dog: not rounding up sheep, sniffing out drugs, helping blind people cross the road or fetching dead birds in my mouth. Nope: for this dog it's mainly Powerpoint, for there's nothing like a change in management structure to raise the demand for slides.

I should write a book about it:

An introduction to Powerpoint in Business.
  1. Content: how to judge the quality of the MIS by the layout of the slide.
  2. Avoiding the complete sentence: how to write in bullets.
  3. Advanced Formatting: how to fit the Executive Summary on one page without reducing the font size)
  4. Powerpoint by Committee: the importance of versioning and the futility of style.

When one is working silly hours blogging sometimes feels like homework. Perhaps it would work better on a slide....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

10/10 A very creditable effort.

.....any chance you could help me with my inter-active white-board?