02 January 2008

I'm back

For the last three months I have been mostly reading Paradise Lost
"No one ever wished it longer than it is" (Samuel Johnson)
It's all because of Philip Pullman of course. That's the trouble with hero-worship: it starts innocently enough with the books, then comes the much-better-than-you-thought film; before long you're in the front row at obscure gigs, hanging on every word, and three weeks later you find yourself striding round the house like armoured bear shouting at the children Surely. At. Least. ONE. Of. You. Must. Have. Seen. My. New. Alethiometer.

It's not that my other project didn't work exactly, it's more that I didn't try: I managed just two posts. My sister read them. She told me they were good but, compared to greenideas, they made me seem a little embittered. I must have been in a jolly mood.

Anyway its 2008 and I'm back...with resolution (it's to weigh myself every Tuesday)

After Satan sets out on his mission to Earth to suborn (or enlighten?) mankind the other devils are left to their own devices. Some horse around, some form a choral society (really) and others, well...
Others apart sat on a Hill retir'd,
In thoughts more elevate, and reason'd high
Of Providence, Foreknowledge, Will and Fate,
Fixt Fate, free will, foreknowledg absolute,
And found no end, in wandring mazes lost.
[Book II, 557]
They invented the blogosphere! How could I stay away?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! Would you kindly consider another New Year's resolution, of course in addition to weighing oneself on a Tuesday ;-)....How about dumbing things down to appeal to lesser intellectual souls. Please note my resolution is to become more intellectual. Who knows there may be a meeting of minds in 2008 :-).
btw Friday is a better day to weigh oneself..you then know how much you have to play with over the weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

anon, I would be delighted... coming later this week "my favourite Wii game"

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back! Personally I am looking forward to many more greenideas of the same intellectual standard as they were before...how high that was I cannot say....!

Anonymous said...

Frank Sin ... bloody.. atra.

Just when you thought it was safe to surf the web ... you're back.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Frank Sin...bloody..atra but Long John Saliva is the spitting image of his dad.

At least we can keep the comments low brow ;-)

Welcome back.

Fire Byrd said...

as an invader from somewhere else in blogland I have to say that whosever green eyes those are they are lovely.
and the ending was all wrong in the GC, but the bear was good. And why were Nicole's eyes so bloodshot?

Anonymous said...

Pixie you are welcome around here anytime :-), for those eyes are mine.

Yes the GC finished early didn't it? I think that the Asriel denoument was too shocking for them.

As for the rest of you: :-)