10 January 2008

Plinth Happy

I am SO going to spend an hour on that plinth
The cutest thing might be simply to sit there with a placard:
This. Is. Not. Art
Now, would that be a protest?
Well, it would certainly wasting a once in a lifetime opportunity to show-off...

Introducing The Extraordinary Spectacle of Botogol-On-The-Plinth

Timetable of Events
(to be displayed on a large placard on the edge of the plinth)

  • 10:00 Arrival of Botogol
  • 10:02 The setting up of video cameras for the purposes of YouTube
  • 10:05 Impersonation: Nelson On His Column
  • 10:10 Moonwalking Demonstration
  • 10:15 The Best of Botogol - Selected Readings from Green Ideas
  • 10:16 Impersation: A Lion at the base of a Column
  • 10:20 Short Extract from Paradise Lost, Book One
  • 10:25 If you look closely you can see his ears wiggling
  • 10:30 Repeated Bellowing Of "It's no fun" to a bewildered Crowd
  • 10:35 Juggling Display (I can you know)
  • 10:40 Ventilation of the Arm-Pits
  • 10:42 Recitation of Shakespeare's Sonnet 116
  • 10:45 A sit down for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit
  • 10:50 Q&A
  • 10:58 Farewell and Last Words
  • 10:59 Bows to Tumultuous Applause
  • 11:00 Refusal to Dismount from the Plinth
  • 11:02 A Confrontation with Security Guard with ensuing
  • 11:04 Comedy Chase-round-and-round-the-edge-of-plinth
  • 11:05 Dramatic Fall on to Safety-Net
  • 11:10 Humiliating Rescue from Same
  • 11:15 Autograph Signing and DVD Sales
What's not to enjoy? If you would enjoy seeing the Botogol show vote, vote for Antony Gormley

Gormley's idea is clearly streets ahead of the others. (Yesterday I actually heard people talking about in the lift and, well, meercats, really...) Sadly though, I don't think he will win for the idea is just too scarily democratic - "I mean they could do anything".

My prediction: they'll turn it down on fabricated health and safety grounds and go for the conventional, low risk (and seriously, seriously dull) anti-Iraq War option instead.

Mind you, if they are looking for a good car..


Anonymous said...

Antony Gormley?? My vote goes to Charlotte Gormley.

antony gourmley said...

Alibert - update please: have you registered yet?

Botogol said...

registered and ready to go..