30 May 2008

Our House...

picture by Florinda©
(our new house)
... is in the middle of our street.

Which is good because within 100 metres of our front door are no fewer than two different DIY stores. One of them is very small and very expensive. The other is quite a lot smaller but just a little bit more expensive. I am their best customer (both of them)

The nearest B&Q is eleven miles away.

So, on Tuesday, after the tiny DIY store sold me a washing machine waste pipe extension hose for only £34.99 (don't ask - it's a temporary measure) but didn't have any washing machine waste pipe extension hose connectors I went on to the small store, where the assistant looked at me entirely blankly and invited me, very cordially, to search the shelves for myself and, please, to buy anything that might possibly connect two such hoses together and if it doesn't work then you can always bring it back, except that the computer is down so I'll write you a manual receipt so that Alice - she isn't here now, but she'll be here after lunch - realises what it is, is that OK? But anway if you just tell her you're the new people in Sally's house she'll be fine about it.

Before me in the queue was a lady of a certain age. "You can leave a message on my London number", she said. "or you can call me here! It's IDEN 600. Or...it used to be anyway"

STD dialling arrived in the 1970s

It's weird outside london.

I bought two small pieces of plastic (one was free) and forty-seven jubilee clips (no flies on me) and just thirty-six later hours the the washing machine was working.

Today we got broadband.

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