10 June 2009

the whole of August

For an under-bonused, over-stressed banking-monkey with a long commute is there anything more tantalising than the offer of unpaid leave?

Two weeks extra leave in 2009 we can have, if we want it; the credit-crunch ill wind blows some good after all. Two weeks!  What's not to like?

Except that, ah yes, for a moment I forgot, it's unpaid leave.

So, I could have the whole of August off (hurray!) but with no money to spend (boo).

What to do? Hang out at home? Except everyone knows that it's impossible for a family of five to enjoy themselves in London for less than £200 a day. Could we enjoy ourselves in Paris for less?

The world is our whelk.

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M4GD said...

Hey this is a blessing in disguise. Enjoy it while it lasts and don’t worry about anything. The finances will sort them selves out. You all come across as a very creative lovely family. Look at it as an opportunity and challenge you can meet and not a problem to solve. All will be well!
Please please please please and 10 more pleases Suivez Kandinsky! Suivez Kandinsky! Suivez Kandinsky! I can’t get to Paris to see this amazing exhibit but at least you and family can go and enjoy and tell us. I love his work very much, followed by Picasso, Dali, and Miro. Wassily’s tremendous deep mixed passions and experiences of the varied upbringings and living in Russia, Germany, and France shine through in his love of color and the intricacies of the lines. That’s why I love him. I love color. It’s part of my daily life. To me his work is tantalizing. His style affects my own painting and drawing. I have few of his paintings up on my walls (don’t get excited though they are not real I wish – on a crazy shopping spree many years back I bought few copies from Thyssen-Bornemisa Museum in Madrid)
And what about going to Venice Biennale? This year’s Modern Art exhibit looks very promising. I wish I can go. Sadly I can’t.
And camping sounds really cool! So it can’t get better than this. It’s awesome. So what ya complainin about then; -) Choose to be happy!