04 June 2009

Today's giant ballots

I know where my democratic duty lies in this time of crisis and disillusionment: to make a protest vote.

At 7.15am this morning  Twickenham polling station was almost deserted as I collected my ludicrous, 70cm long, ballot paper, and watched the teller carefully enter the serial number against my name on the roll.

Does any seriously believe that our votes are actually secret?

Can there be any doubt whatsoever that ballots for parties like the BNP are not subsequently retrieved and carefully traced back to the individuals who cast them? As was done to communist votes 40 years ago?

Fortunately, I voted neither BNP nor communist, so I dont suppose anyone will care.

Even after folding and refolding my silly ballot paper the teller had to use a ruler to help me poke it into the narrow slit.  He told me they only had one ballot box at the station (same as usual) and he was worried that it will not be big enough for all of today's giant ballots. I agreed.

I worry we may have a 'hanging chad' type problem of our own today.

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