28 July 2008

Bon Mots

picture by divedi
The citations in the Oxford Book of Quotations must be a google-game now..... "That's a good! I wonder when they said it first. . . . so, let's see...ooh look, somebody blogged it in 2008"

So here's two for posterity....

Kelvin Mackenzie "I like rich people, I wish there were more of them - I'm fed up of being surrounded by the dim and skint" At the Intelligence2 debate on taxing the rich (more)

Lisa Reichelt "We registered his domain name before we registered his birth" At Interesting2008, on having a child in the digital age

I was there.

(Aside - could you make money by cybersquatting names? Could a shortage of domain names reinforce the trend for silly-made-up-ones? Like botogol?)


I, Like The View said...

back in 1994/5 (whenever it was that named sites on the internet first became available) I tried to buy some domain names, based on phrases from nursery ryhmes

I thought I was such a bright spark and so ahead of the game. . . they'd all gone


is botogol meaningless then? I've been wondering about that for, oh, about a year now


Botogol said...

ILTV, bad luck!

I had the reverse experience: I registered this domain in an era before'green ideas' made people automatically think of environmental issues (hard to imagine just a few years later).

Now, I sometime receive requests from people who have green ideas and would like to buy the domain
[for anyone reading this the answer is (1) It's not for sale (2) but having said that every thing has a (six-figure) price...]

Maybe one day my other domain will take off as well....

Botogol - It refers to a mountain in Siberia where the little known, but astonishing explorer Jean Pierre Alibert built a graphite mine

but quite why I chose it as a name... escapes me!

I, Like The View said...

and there was me thinking it was pure Chomsky - the environmental thing never even crossed my mind!

. . .other domain. . .

you tease (or is that something equally obvious that I'm missing)

(will now go and learn about graphite)(very appropriate, as I spend all day long sketching at the moment)

I, Like The View said...

(I'm using Caran d'Ache, not Faber, today)[Заброшенный поселок Батагол (Ботогол)](that was an experiement to see if blogger publishes Cyrillic)(if it is Cyrillic)