30 July 2008

Dragon's Den

picture by dro!d
I like Dragon's Den.

My reason is: it's the only programme in the entire BBC ouvre that looks positively at the business of making money.

And don't give me The Apprentice: that whole programme is edited with the purpose of making today's world of business seem entirely cut-throat and nasty1
A man is never so innocently engaged as in the pursuit of money (Dr Johnson)
1No, it's not. Not entirely.


Tim Atkinson said...

Oh, I don't know. Personally I can't stand the latter, love the former. And what's wrong with making money?

Botogol said...

What indeed, dotterel.
Mind you it's probably more stressful thant staying at home and NOT making money :-)

Anonymous said...

I think your right about the apprentice. Though Donald Trump does have a good book out titled "Think big and kickass: in business and in life", highly recommended, important info in it.