26 July 2008

Fashion Statements

On Thursday while cycling to work I was overtaken by another cyclist.

Now, that doesn't happen very often, and when it does I am always a little peeved, but this time I was actually mightily annoyed because
  1. I was going at 23mph; you just don't expect to be overtaken at 23mph on a London road; you have no business being overtaken at 23mph on a London road
  2. His bike was equally as inexpensive as mine, thus invalidating my normal excuse when this happens.
  3. Despite his cheap bike, he was clothed from head to toe in bright, dafodill yellow, brand new, 2008 Saunier Duval kit. Who did he think he was? Ricardo Ricco?
I haven't been sitting around wasting my summer. I've been sitting around watching Le Tour on Eurosport, so I knew what to do: I immediately kicked hard, bridged the gap and got right on his wheel, where I was able to draft comfortably for quarter of a mile or so (at an impressive 26mph) before a gear change and a noisy derailleur click gave away my presence.

He glanced behind and saw me, then he feathered his brakes just enough to break my rhythm, stood up on his pedals and shot off, calves bulging like base-balls, his skinny yellow backside weaving from side to side through the traffic.

We cyclists are anything but naïve and I knew exactly what this meant, I filled my lungs and bellowed after him as loudly as I could: "Druggie!"

Meanwhile it was my birthday on Tuesday and I got a manbag. I have been out wearing it once. It's OK as long as the kids don't mention it.

They mention it a lot


I, Like The View said...

have you ever seen the animated film The Belleville Rendezvous? I think you'd enjoy it


(ps: belated happy birthday wishes)

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday - see you in Edinburgh

Botogol said...

mystery shopper - you will have to promise not to make fun of my manbag :-)

ITLV - no, but thanks for the recommendation, I will try and find it.

I, Like The View said...

try Amazon


or, if you cycle past it, the film store at the South Bank under the RFH complex, if I remember it correctly, has a very good international section (or maybe the whole store is world cinema?)

Anonymous said...

I can't laugh at your manbag when I have one of my own which is like a conventional handbag in the sense that it's tardis like and I can never find anything in it.