19 January 2007

Aloha from Hawaii

People ask me whether everything I write in this blog is actually true.
Well, of of course it all is.

Last night Mrs B and I flew off to to Honolulu for one of those last-minute short weekend city-breaks. booking last minute it cost only £299pp, plus £11.95 carbon offset (voluntary! hooray!). Back Monday. Hope the kids are OK on their own.

Yesterday, in the high winds that swept the UK, a tree fell on our car.

At work I am moving offices. Perhaps you don't think that is a big deal? Well, I have been occupying my office, located in my company's equivalent of Siberia for five long years; and now we have been recalled back the Headquarters. The Main Building. The Big Place. The Metropolis. We move next month.

Meanwhile, KaLeoAloha to all my readers.

[Doesn't that sound grand. To both my readers?, to my few readers? To my blogging sister]

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