17 January 2007


Writing a blog like with no theme has a number of drawbacks, and none more so than what to put in the blogroll.

For a blogroll is a more than just a collection of links: it's promise to the reader:
If you like my blog, it says, then I think you might also like these blogs: These other, er, also themeless, random blogs that really have no connection at all with mine.

And that's why, dear reader I've never had a blogroll. Where's the join? Which in turn is probably why I don't get many incoming links either. So to hell with the promise, I've got one now :-)

Anyway, everyone else is doing it and how else I am ever going to get tagged with one of those cool blog-meme-thingies. [I ever do get one I'm going to straight off to tag David Cameron- I bet he'd do it, as well]

So here goes with botogol's promise: If you like my blog then you'll probably like these other blogs which all have the same name (clever, eh?)
I'm on a roll now (a blogroll! ha ha!). Link whoring I think they call it, but I have no shame. So here's a roll of blogs I'm reading which, frankly, have not the slightest connection with mine, but which I like, so perhaps you will

I've put them in three sections (on the sidebar where they belong)
  • Personal - i.e. essentially themeless or narrative blogs
  • Work - my favourite genre
  • Ideas - you'll have to click and look, won't you

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