09 January 2007

Immoral Goods

Five products - intrinsically morally neutral - but which have become unreasonably saddled with negative moral connotations:

  • 4-wheel drive vehicles - regardless of actual size, petrol consumption, carbon footprint, a car that is driven by all four wheels necessarily connotes an irresponsible attitude to the environment and to pedestrians.
  • Sliced bread - in all its forms: clearly denotes a slovenly laziness
  • Television - moral turpitude and lack of creativity. When was the last time you heard someone say 'I won't have a book in the house' or, proudly, 'No, my children certainly don't go to the theatre very much at all' So, why is that attitude OK with TV? (and why is radio virtuous?)
  • Fur - Fur (even if humanely sourced from a non-endangered farmed animal) is foul, but leather is lovely. How does that work?
  • Tickets - (when sold for more than face value). Buy a china bowl for £10, sell it on eBay for £100, your mates will think you're well canny. Try doing the same with a ticket.

Remember when mobile phones were a sign of self-importance and self-indulgence?
Now they are just phones.

Are there any other things I could have mentioned? (hint: this post invites comments) :-)

1 comment:

surly girl said...

i never quite got the tv=bad, radio=good thing either. although people who say "oh, i only listen to the radio" do it with a smug expression and pull you into a tacit agreement that they listen to radio four when in fact they are slaves to kiss fm.