24 January 2007


I wish I had a pound for everyone I have heard saying 'I haven't watched Big Brother, but... here's my firmly held opinion about Jade Goody.

Gordon Brown put himself in that camp when he appealed to the country to 'vote for Shilpa' (A vote for Shilpa of course meant a vote to throw her out. He was blissfully unaware)

But 50,000 complaints is impressive by any standards - but I'd love to know what the complainers actually thought Channel4 should have been done. Three possibilities spring to mind:

They should have

1) expelled Jade from the house in order to punish her / rescue Shilpa

2) gone into the house and told Jade to behave

3) edited out all the offending footage and pretend it didn't happen

None of these options is very attractive and its no wonder C4 dithered.

But I have a disappointing feeling that most people probably had in mind (3). Certainly I think that's what most broadcasters woud have done - and it would have been appropriately Orwellian I suppose.. Still a cheer and a half to C4 for not taking that option at least. (Subtracting ten cheers if turns out that they in any way at all egged Jade on)

Here is the only piece I have read about Jadegate that that takes an original line and made me reconsider my stance:


[I wish I had read it before the heated conversation we had at a dinner party on Saturday)

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